The Journal of the War of 1812


An International Journal Dedicated to the Last Anglo-American War, 1812-1815

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As of Spring 2012, the Journal of the War of 1812, previously a quarterly subscription newsletter published by the War of 1812 Consortium, Inc., and mailed to subscribers, has become a free on-line periodical available to all to celebrate and spread the word on the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 and beyond.

The throughout Bicentennial of this internationally significant war, Journal, published in Baltimore since 1996, will continue to publish research and the best information on the war and its era.

This year, 2012, look for articles by informed researchers on the events on 1812 itself.  Similarly, throughout 2013, 2014, and 2015 we will publish articles and information as we mark and discuss the 200-year anniversary of the stirring events of the war, to examine closely each battle and the people who fought or were affected by the conflict.

Americans need to know that the War of 1812 finally established the United States as a sovereign nation free of the domination of the mother country, as the United States claimed a new national identity as we finally rid ourselves of British interference in our affairs.

Look for new pdf copies of the Journal this year and in the upcoming years, available for download and printing as desired.  In addition to the upcoming issues, pdf copies of the published printed issues from the past several years can also be downloaded. We will continue to offer copies of the available printed issues, available for purchase by mail.  See our list of back issues